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Frage von FunnyML:

Hello dear community. I am looking for a software that similar to the numerous "photo stitching" programs, images from two different angles combines them into one panoramic picture. Only that there should be no pictures but video, with a fixed perspective. The output will of course also be a video.

Does anyone know a program that can do that?

Thank you in advance for your tips!


Antwort von joey23:

That will not go so far as you need to add all the videos from exactly the same point of view, called the nodal point. The photos are simply made in succession, but this does not go to video.

2 videos easily blend back to go with any video editing program, or just with After Effects, which is certainly a lot of tricks.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

You can unscrew a Nodal synonymous adapter, a video camera.

The Fusty Point is a very small area of the recording as the lens s.den sides of the picture or video no preference whether Stillimage always something pulls the edges.

Depending on the focal because you have to work on the basis of Stillframe aka reference photo ran.

Then you can create masks with überblendung slight "edge" aka the course.

I've noticed in the photos the ambesten of Hand works and one port per focal lens and a separate collection of masks.

B. DeKid


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