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Frage von BorstenThorsten:

Hello my film masters out there:)

I, or we have the following request: We have been selected with the tape (; Marie Wonder) to record on a sampler. The idea was now to turn to this very high quality recording a video.
The video will feature scenes of the tape and a short story by the way runs, I like to tell further details if interested:)
Since we do as students and former students have more limited budget, we hope to take such time as workaholic student who would turn to a video;)
It would be good if their natural Worth up close, since one does not rotate sowas in one day. We come from Rodgau, which lies about 25 Frankfurt N.of removed.
Would be great if some people would find the desire and interest have s.diesem Project.

Who else wants to have a feel of the song which is to be recorded that can be happy (our Page, visit / marie wonder) and the song "One Step Ahead 'views need to listen.

Lieben Gruß aus Hessen,

Alex Marie Of Wonders: D


Antwort von newsart:

Hello, I'm not a workaholic student, but a representative of a production company from Hamburg. Mail me once about the sampler (; Who is there with more on it? What label? Publication period ...) and practical information (about your film idea: What images of the tape and what background story? Rotation in the studio or on location) and of course how and where would you make this video. I will not promise anything, but maybe I can Angrab a budget pot ... @ mails. Regards, Carsten


Antwort von Medienmacher:


I agree Carsten only: no synonymous workaholic student. :-)

But I do know ne nice little company that makes music videos. Live concerts, interviews, DVD releases, etc. For you interest: the seat is in the vicinity of Frankfurt.

The questions are the same as Carsten has made synonymous. If you are interested, email to



Antwort von BorstenThorsten:

Great, thanks guys, I'll answer you all infos on the Emailweg:)


Antwort von ed-media:

With a colleague in Frankfurt, I have always synonymous rotated music videos, there are some. Students usually have other ideas.


Antwort von BorstenThorsten:

Would you vll because some addresses?


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