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Frage von despo:


I'm looking for a good but cheap video camera.
Since I unfortunately do not have much idea, I wanted to ask you time if you can recommend me something.

The camera should have the following properties:

- 16:9-format in good Auflöung
- Connection for external Microphone
- Recording to SD memory chip (most flexibility, cheaper price)

and if it is to not exceed 300 euros.

Thank you very much



Antwort von kili:

kannste for 300 euro credible forgotten.
gugg times since:


Antwort von Shiranai:

Canon FS100 ... ~ 250 ¬
However, no clue what you are good at Resolutionverstehst. The take Cam with 720x576 on.
More you can in this price class do not expect, unless you buy you an Aiptek or other low-budget cams.
This cut, however, unlike Canon worse in dark environments that have no optical Image Stabilization, offer far less options, less focus, less zoom, worse Microphone (short simply have an inferior construction quality).


Antwort von geid0r:

Starts at just 600 euros with the Canon HF100 to.

Then you have but a top machine!

Can you even handle AVCHD? Say: If your PC is good enough and did you have a editing program which supports it?



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