Infoseite // Video camera in a backpack to transport

Frage von neils:


I bought a Lowepro backpack for my xha1.

Unfortunately, the camera will not fit upright in the backpack and I think about it with (unscrewed microphone holder, otherwise it fits at all!) On the Page basket lying in the backpack.
She then lies on the great adjustment and the drive is facing my back. The lens pointing down.

Has anyone experience with such a transfer?
Can the camera take hurt by this lying?
Trans portiere they usually only keep a Porta Brace bag.

Thanks for info!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Do something else because foam is good in between. ... climbing down s.besten.

The not so quickly go broke, trust me ;-)

B. DeKid

PS: Want to take a backpack with the plane?

Is the outside s.dem backpack still more to it made?


Antwort von neils:

Yes, it is designed for the plane.
From the dimensions it fits. It is the 400th Flipside
Outside is still a small tripod attached.

Actually, a good backpack if you look at the compromise between size, weight, unobtrusive protection. Unfortunately, all the belts do not hide in order to use it as a pocket.

Does not stop anything in the price range ...


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