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Frage von darklord77:


with what tool can I s.besten AE in a video footage such as the right and left each a slice. To put it then shrinks together with other footage into the composition to set?


Antwort von Markus:

1. You could a sub-composition with the desired dimensions (ie, less trimming footage) to create your footage to place this under composition and then paste into your project without having to fold. Then there is the trim and you can arbitrarily scale.

2. With a mask should not be a problem synonymous.


Antwort von Mylenium:

If you verkleinerst's take masks. If you have accidentally included in the sub-composition which already verruckelst, you add an additional level sampling and add the footage could be a little blurred. If it's any other urgent reason to do this, take the direct route. In addition, haste does not so much unnecessary compositions rumschwirren ... Sometimes simple is better. ;-)



Antwort von darklord77:

Alright, I will say with masks to try. Thank you for the info.


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