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Video clips twitter, sometimes 2 of heidi - 26 May 2009 10:57:00
More and more videos will be uploaded into the network, synonymous, and if an absolute majority still end up on YouTube, clearly there are always adding new portals, which users can upload of them captured clips. Mind you, we are not talking necessarily of serious amateur film projects, but of so-called "UGV" - user generated video. This often are simply small video snippets from everyday life, recorded with small camcorders or mobile phones, unplanned, unformed, uncut, uploaded: "generate" So take the typical development situation well. In some ways, a perfect answer to the question, the answer is a steadily growing number of other people on Twitter, namely, "What are you doing?"
Recently, with twitvid A search service explicitly only for videos that were linked out of Twitter, there are already synonymous, incidentally,) that is twitmatic (; an offshoot of ffwd, a kind of personalized zapping through Internet video channels.

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Antwort von eschek01:

My goodness, who cares about the "UGV" garbage?


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