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Frage von Marc2:

Hello community,
I'm new here and have the same times as an issue to me so far, despite intensive search did not answer.

It is about a web video portal a nonprofit association. There are television broadcast journalists free video clips (720 x 576, interlaced) able to download them immediately in daily production use them. The whole site is a provider of noncommercial.

I would prefer the DV codec, when the case synonymous with 3.6 Mbit / s is quite memory intensive. The problem is there but that not all editing software with every dv-avi file for them. At least for me it is so. The dv-avi Proggis's different, I can not in principle among themselves to exchange. If I have understood correctly, is available for free mpeg1, mpeg2 and mpeg4 cost for commercial use. Am I there with my non-project in any case to secure the Page? What codec would you advise me? Could I possibly synonymous to the dv codec? And if you know what about, you know then synonymous, where I can read it?

Thank you.

Many greetings



Antwort von domain:

I think the original copyright and the even more extensive rights of the next subsequent recovery have been nothing at all times with the respective codec to do so.
It is always only one and the same thing: who uses fantasy and alien foreign intellectual property for its own purposes.
Only the use itself is bound by copyright s.das with all subsequent extension and limitations for us amateurs.


Antwort von beiti:

Yes you can still predict a specialist lawyer questioning. But since I would not worry about large and easy to use MPEG2. This is a common standard and is expected to fulfill the purpose s.besten.


Antwort von Marc2:

thank you. Then I will probably have a legal endeavor.




Antwort von robbie:

The clips should they continue as synonymous technically be broadcast.

just with a camera and keep it on the data thus obtained thousands of downloads is synonymous hope something daring.


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