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Videoumwandlung AVCHD 50i in 50p - brauche eure Hilfe !

Video converting AVCHD 50i in 50p - need your help!

Frage von ElRaiden:
Mai 2008


Really am a happy owner of the HDC-SD1, I watch videos with PowerDVD unbearbeitet (hardware deinterlacing Bob). The quality is great, even with the jerky pans Picture thanks bob deinterlacing not (without bob deinterlacing strong Jerkiness)

My problem is however: when I use the movie to burn to DVD, no preference with the software, jerky pans in the Picture strong. This is caused by, because the material is not Bob is deinterlaced.

How can I do now, my film (raw material, m2ts, AVCHD, 16:9, 1440x1080 50i) to 50p per bob deinterlacing to convert? So it ultimately consists of 50 frames, and trouble with Pinnacle for example can be processed? It must bob deinterlacing takes place, just like when playing with PowerDVD.

Thank you for your help and suggestions!

Liebe Gruesse

Antwort von WoWu:

Hello ElRaid ..

Get a Line-Doubler, because nothing else is done Bobber. Each frame is made to the Nutzzeilen halved and by Line Doubler back to the full picture bobbed up.
That is only half the image resolution, but twice the temporal resolution. the picture is not so sharp, but it has no MAUSEZÄHNCHEN more.
Actually, then from 576p50 = 1080i25

Antwort von beiti:

I have no experience with AVCHD footage, but there are certainly a way to directly of 1080 50i to 576 50i to come. If DVD is the final result would be only 50p an unnecessary intermediate step. Indeed, on DVD, there are either 25p or 50i, but never 50p.

BTW very strange to me before, that the material in sudden jerky pans. If the deinterlacing does not work, but you would rather Mäusezähnchen of WoWu mentioned, but no bucking.

I do tend interchanged on a half-order. Look, if you in the encoder because what else can recruit.

Antwort von WoWu:

Well, Beiti,
1080 50i to 576 50i
.... he actually wants to 576i.
Only when he gets Boppe just a single field supplied, which is then in line with identical characters is up to full screen, but why only the 576er Resolutionhat, because the missing picture elements are still missing, and just a half with double remains as thick lines.
Only then that the second half with synonymous and it is done so on 50 fields with twice as thick lines comes.
Time is really nothing more choppy and spatially mice teeth are obviously not synonymous anymore.
A method for the like large-screen projection is used, or where greater distances to the smaller TV screen resolution is not noticeable as possible. But the problem is that by far the larger of course, synonymous the advantage of horizontal resolution is lost.

From the codec used, this is completely independent.

Antwort von WoWu:

I had forgotten to mention that most of the individual cameras interlaced lines of the fields already "Blur" to have a better camera view and to present the LD effect is already so obviously weichgespülte Picture still blurred ... But as I said, if the viewing distances are large enough, one sees all this no more.

So, ElRaiden, take the DVD is quite normal in "i" and hang on the Linedoubler between DVD player and monitor .... if the monitor can 50p.
Then you achieve exactly this effect.

Antwort von Sparfuchs:

@ ElRaiden,
doing it via AviSynth and you will be satisfied WoWu explain it to you how to do it.

Antwort von beiti:

"WoWu" wrote:
Well, Beiti,
1080 50i to 576 50i
.... he actually wants to 576i.
He wants starting from 1080 50i material with a DVD burn. It runs to 576 50i out if the DVD standard should be. Did you indeed synonymous recommended.

The question is, where is the real problem lies. I have received the question so understood that the DVD is still very jerky - which is actually illogical. Genuine 576i material jerky yes not synonymous.
This looks to me very strongly after half swapped out. The Linedoubling at 50p would this error does not resolve synonymous.

Antwort von WoWu:

Hello Beiti,

That with the DVD and the resulting 576i I've never taken so true ... but you did right, of course. Somehow I associate with a higher Resolutionauch a highly aufglelöste representation.
But it's true of course, DVD is DVD. My mistake.
Only I know what he will not with the bob deinterlacing then, because that is in essence only one LD but anyway if it comes from 1080 will be only the empty lines removed ....
I have always assumed that it is synonymous in 1080 is reproduced.
Perhaps a few more helpful.

Antwort von flo_g:


Thank you for your first post.

I vllt Explain the problem a little more precise: I have my AVCHD videos with PowerDVD has always geguckt, the quality was great, each video was smooth even with fast movements played as if the picture was playing with 100fps or so. This was probably s.der way the video was deinterlaced (hardware deinterlacing Bob, 8800 GTX).

As soon as I watch the videos but somehow burn onto DVD (no preference what program, what method), bucking the videos in high flows, or are very blurry. Can I somehow reach the quality, as when playing with PowerDVD?

I have time to test provided an original video (AVCHD), during rapid panning is very blurry picture - I know that when fast movements should not expect miracles, but that is simply incompatible.


Wer schafft jetzt das Video so zu deinterlacen, dass moeglichst fluessig ist?

Hier ist mein Ergebniss, besser bekomme ich es nicht hin, deswegen aergere ich mich so sehr...


Thank you for your help!
Liebe Gruesse

Antwort von beiti:

As soon as I watch the videos but somehow burn onto DVD (no preference what program, what method), bucking the videos in high flows, or are very blurry. Can I somehow reach the quality, as when playing with PowerDVD?
Where it jerky? When playing on the television, or playing s.Computer?

With your files I will be synonymous yet the trial & error, because if I can download. Only RapidShare makes me wait two minutes, then such an opaque query letters, and if wrong, we must again wait two minutes. An absolute affront ... : (

EDIT: Now I am for the third time s.dem funny cats code failed. Can someone explain to me how I find the correct letter to be? Now I like nothing more.

Antwort von beiti:

One more thing: What did you set everything in the encoder? Have you tried the other way Halbbildreihenfolge to make?

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Beiti

I have already abandoned it synonymous ...

Antwort von flo_g:


Ok, true, they have invented something new again, I will be there until tomorrow to upload their own server.

Actually, I only watch the videos on the computer screen angeguckt, but I do not think that it is based on a plasma screen will run better ....

Antwort von HeikoS:

"Anonymous" wrote:

Actually, I only watch the videos on the computer screen angeguckt, but I do not think that it is based on a plasma screen will run better ....

However, they are. Because the plasma has a better deinterlacer built as a simple Bob algorithm. But try it a try and then reports ...

Antwort von ElRaiden:

So, here are the links, I hope, you can help me ...


Mit TMPGEnc bearbeitet:

With Nero Vision edited:

Antwort von beiti:

Hmm. So I'm quite sure of my knowledge not yet ...

I had initially with the AVCHD-enabled trial of Edius Neo (I just randomly on your calculator) of the original DVD is burned. The looks on the television quite normal and not jerky, synonymous when intercurrent movement blurred the picture is relatively (but that is currently in AVCHD normal).

Then I looked at the two conversion attempts views.
The file from TMPGEnc is a progressive 50fps file, but actually only shows every second Picture new image content. Apparently, the encoder only every second field and then evaluated the Picture doubled.
The file from Nero is created equal in 25p and therefore also shows only half of the existing movement stages.
In other words: The fact that these two files when playing Jerkiness, next is not surprising. DVD-compliant way, both are not.

So I still think that the "normal" way of 1080 50i to 576 50i is the optimum - if s.Ende should get out a DVD. A conversion under 25p would only worsen the shakes, and 50p (even if it is done correctly, that really move with 50 steps) is not standard and can not get on standard DVD.

Antwort von yeah:


Thank you for your first effort - so slow I understand it:)

The following questions I have:

1) How should I s.besten from the original material to make a DVD? The objective would be ie 576 50i. Pinnacle Studio 11 product suitable to?
2) Nevertheless, I would like to see the video with full motion 50 levels, ie richitg deinterlaced with Bob and 50 steps. I've understood that I previously had somehow done wrong. What should I do this correctly, that s.Ende a video rauskommt, with 1080 50p and with 50 levels of motion?

Love Greetings and Thank you!

Antwort von markusd:

What are stages of movement because 50? 50 fields or 50 frames or something else?

Antwort von vanDusen:


I hang myself s.diesen older thread on it because I have a problem that is probably due to the same causes as the back is described here.

I own diene Panasonic HDC-SD5 Camera, which is the successor model SD1 of the thread creator. I imporitiere AVCHD videos by iMovie 08th The computer is a Macbook Core2Duo 2,4 Ghz 2GB RAM.

The problem: No matter what settings I use for the subsequent export select the videos Jerkiness exactly the same shape as the thread creator posted sample videos.

Also in iMovie itself is bucking to be seen. I do not know whether the error during the import into the Apple Intermediate Codec is taking place - whether in this case may have lost a half or so.

The generated Intermidiate of iMovie files are interlaced (comb effect) and have Quicktime player, according to a frame rate of 29.97 fps (or 30 fps when playing). Is that correct or useful? By how much is the fps on Camera?

Whether the unpleasant Ruckler in the Intermediate codec is available, I can not with the final accuracy check, since the Kammeffekt Quicktime player in the picture eh unsightly and makes the codec VLC not playing.

Has someone a tip for me, as I have for a normal liquid Picture able to care? As a result, I would like just a *. mov file in the H.264 codec and a Resolutionvon either 1280x720 or 1920x1080 pixels produce.

I hope for your help! Thanks & many greetings,


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