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Video creator / grader working at home

Frage von Textprovider:
Dezember 2010

Are you interested in the creation or editing of videos? You want to earn a little money with your hobby by the way? Then register with us!

We are a young company from Bochum, which is the creation of specialized content for Web pages. In addition to our core business, the creation of texts, we are building currently on a podcast and video area.

For the video we are looking for permanent new creative people to extend our network s.freien employees.

" Video camera (if you are interested in the video creation)
" Experience with video editing software (such as Windows Movie Maker, iMovie)
" Experience with Photoshop or other image editing programs
" creativity, personal responsibility and flexibility
" Schedule faithful observance of duty hours
" Computers with Internet access and appropriate software

We offer:
Free, flexible, time-and location-independent and project-related cooperation. Cooperation will take home work.

The videos:
The videos are to be drawn up of different nature. It can be simple standardized videos that you can create with little knowledge of a video, but synonymous with more complex individual videos.

" Video Creator: A video creators should have a digital video camera to film videos. In addition, he should be able to work with video editing software. For example, videos may be requested through everyday situations.

" Video Editor: A video processor must be material which we process with a video editing software to a video.

If you want to be active for us, you get access to an online platform through which we implement our projects. Once registered you are a part of our network of freelancers. Once we have a suitable project for you in the offer, we will inform you by e-mail about it. Of each email, you can see all project-related information (USDI compensation for the Project). Does that Project to respond on the email and our project managers deposit your tasks on our online platform. Is a project of no interest to you, for example because you currently have no available capacity, you can simply delete the email and wait for the next Project.

Send us an email with your skills and share them with us, whether you are a video creator, video editor, or both want to work. We are looking for permanent, so you can always apply.

Email to: film_und_cut [at] textprovider.de

Antwort von Pianist:

My goodness - here come the con man even with the video people. I always thought that working at home pens are assembled, which remain on the home workers will sit.

Please delete this spam. Amazingly, come on what nonsense people.


Antwort von PowerMac:

Cool, I will cooperate.

Antwort von 7nic:

I have a Panasonic NV-GS 400 (or what is the name) and a 3.6GHz Intel Pentium with Windows Movie Maker on Windows XP SP 3! For dubbing, I must however go to a buddy. But that's no problem, we always gamble as synonymous CS!
Do you want to visit us again? The three of that is much cooler.

PS I work for 4.50 euros an hour!

Antwort von domain:

How much was the entry fee and is followed by the annual registration fee on this online platform?

Antwort von Kino:

Aw, Snap! I am stuck up to his ears in "self-film projects"

Antwort von NEEL:

I just checked: My video camera is digital! I can now start with you?

Antwort von PowerMac:

Is Hi-8 digital?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

http://fast-artur.deviantart.com/gallery/'s sitting in Bochum

But is not cheap!

Will give him even modest.

B. DeKid

Antwort von derpianoman:


Antwort von Moritzk:

Here is their website:


Makes me a very serious impression.

Antwort von shipoffools:

Damn, I can not deal with Windows Movie Maker even with iMovie and my camera can only S-VHS ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ MoritzK

Do it yourself already - have yet synonymous ever asked for people who you should help NEM Project. Then came actually synonymous directly the stupid sayings.

Can we halt to no avail.


I've given your email FastArt times.

B. DeKid

Antwort von IngmarN:

now I'm stupid when I got the emailed?
eig sounds like quite good: D for students as extra income?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"IngmarN" wrote:
now I'm stupid when I got the emailed?

Why stupid?

I mean if you are not bound super, much as HiredGun (Freelancer), or earn money to pave a student being a student wants / needs then you can consider this yet.

You write a mail arranged a phone call - clarify a few points s.and then you decide whether holding the thing is worth it or not.

In today's world should look so even people who do not know why, everyone has the NEN bissel still the same idea can see through her for a call / meeting - whether with the conditions and the clients is peace or not.

Ergo "stupid" is so nen Jeniger are perhaps few hundred euros can go through their fingers.

B. DeKid

Antwort von domain:

Wow, that would be pretty embarrassing now, but for some Answerer, if that's really a serious company. Except my own objective request :-)

Antwort von jwd96:

Are you stupid, but perhaps reckless.
I mean, very strange offer, no website, extremely low standards (I mean Movie Maker, hello?)
But you'll see it so ... perhaps, you indeed synonymous find a super job

Antwort von derpianoman:

We eagerly await your feedback! :-)

Antwort von IngmarN:

I thought maybe with the stupid .. But what is going to happen when I'm only now just been writing a mail
for me has already made a very serious impression

Antwort von B.DeKid:

They have, quite a website you have but only once the email address what Googling it so hard?

And there are quite synonymous people who earn money without knowing what NLE NEN, NEN Mattebox or peak.

I know him even a whole lot like the people have a clue!
In case you are looking for when they need someone for certain tasks then today definitely synonymous tap in forums ads.

Or do not like to go today to the employment office?

Would I look tomorrow NEN Schreiner - once adopted - which I should build my PC tables as a standing order but I would probably synonymous in forums looking inquire first.

And if I only Bosch Metabo know I read the so synonymous then ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von jwd96:

Nothing can happen to you.
So you are not synonymous stupid but just try it out. Why not?

Antwort von Pianist:

Of course you can try that anyone who wants to. Caution is necessary precisely s.dem moment when any advance payments are required. So just eighth in the correct direction of flow of money.


Antwort von IngmarN:

ok thank you I've calmed down .. one has to hear more often storys of the fraudsters, the credulity of the people with tempting offers to exploit .. no preference then I just wait for the answer .. yes we will see: D

Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

@ Nic:

Hi Nic - You're still cool as cheap ;-(

They are blinded of irony probably!

Or - is your friend PowerMac not cheaper ;-)

Antwort von domain:

Always suspicious, if personal data is requested. Basically the whole thing could take place first so synonymous times to refund anonymous or a pseudonym.
Then, very importantly, always read all the fine print in the terms and conditions, etc.. Frequently, not commissions, but does require other payment for the permanent maintenance of evidence.
I just want to remind s.die many cheaters scandals lately, which always began with the specification of real personal data.
Of course, it may be synonymous, that we do a serious undertaking an injustice, but there are already enough children burned and extreme caution is called for.
Remember: no reputable agency will ask for advance payments, but settle only after a successful mediation or decrease their own commission.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ IngmarN

There are enough addresses where you can see common contracts and price lists.

Also speaking in this case do not mind if you ask for a quote it here Iin order to be told you

- Fits a lot of fun is ok

or just

- Hands off is to deliver


What you should note as Beginners only is that one does not undermine the industry so nothing typical Prices Prices dumping engage or offer to it.

We are not on MyHammer ;-)

Nen synonymous plumber gets his kanpp 70,-Euro / h, so you have to see the synonymous.

B. DeKid

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Domain

Yes clearly caution in some degree is of course always be appropriate but maybe it Gibts synonymous here, people have the idea of contracts and Co - I'm there 2-3 foxes s.der right hand because I Perso. there never will bother drumm.
But have now learned something / szudiert and I do not. ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von domain:

Incidentally, I would like to point out that many "companies" alone with the personal data in connection with the video making hobby and the email address of a person a great business. The data is sold and subsequently abruptly begins a flood of unwanted spam and advertising instead of on your own email account.

Antwort von IngmarN:

well then I hope I'm not even in there like Iwo: / if the time-money relation exists Werdich aufkeinen make case is clear .. small print is synonymous clear I will take care

Antwort von 7nic:

"IMac27_edmedia" wrote:
@ Nic:

Hi Nic - You're still cool as cheap ;-(

They are blinded of irony probably!

Or - is your friend PowerMac not cheaper ;-)

But Patrick is still cheaper, that's right. I think right now he works for water, bread and a little head crawl.

Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

Good if that would have explicitly searched for a cameraman and editor, it would immediately have looked very different, because who says the video creator, is still the same for Movies!
Probably the need for your home workers synonymous Articles provide, but they do complete professional video productions!

Antwort von tommyb:

If you dig a little deeper on derren Page, then you can experience the following resources:


(First video is King - I probably dug a zombie)



As you can see it is really just a continuation of stock footage (Fotos!) over it and set himself Articles including recorded language (like in the toilet-room-quality).

To meet the level of these videos, you have to be particularly gifted or creative means. You also have to have no idea HOW to create something like that, the gradient pattern is almost identical.

Maybe it would even be quite sufficient if you have a project over time and creates simple replacement of the pictures.

Much money will not pay for such "services" therefore. Therefore they do not look synonymous Cutter - Fotoarangierer might be more appropriate.

Order as something to add:
It really is incredible demand for what people today waste MONEY. The videos are technically under all of creativity and you see NOTHING.

- Different volume
- Speaker times on the left lane, sometimes in the middle
- Monotonous, bored to death Votes

No kidding - something like an advertising video? Stick to your last (or advertising texts). To me it would be embarrassing to deliver such a sour cream and much more painful for my clients to collect something.

Maybe the times should rethink its approach to increase the budget by the 5x and reasonable people can do the work.

Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

Madness that voice, nor can there be PowerMac ne disc
;-) Cut

Works better than any sleeping pill!

Yes - to the job far better themselves professionals, cheap Gibts already at A ** i


Also this clip - an external Micro and a professional speaker works wonders,
as synonymous of a text is to listen and then understand synonymous!

Antwort von thsbln:

on the website:

Founders & Directors

more is needed, but the above linked appreciate confirm the impression that I think the men are not malicious, just clueless, because you start with something no addresses or whatever.

Antwort von Kino:

Thanks s.alle who took the trouble to set the links.
"Thsbln" wrote:
... The men are not malicious, just clueless because something catches you with no addresses or whatever.

I think synonymous. A fireworks s.BWL-Anglismen (facade?) Blocks the view of the final result. As a customer that I would cut the submitted Sch **** around the ears, the works are more embarrassing than for business.

With the singular success are defined on clicks or positioning for women Guhgel quite some time, many fell flat on its face. On the "new market" the booth at that time probably would have triggered bullish euphoria - but those were synonymous taught that the quality of the result is one more than the hope of success.

But what you have expected from the background of a shack that looks for iMovie Maker video creators? JVM?

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