Infoseite // Video database automatically. capture in a management tool?

Frage von go4java:

I have some videos (*. ts, *. avi and *. mpg) on a network drive (\ \ SERVER \ Videos) and would like to include this in a video database, auto, without input of title, genre, etc. - ideally it should be all be reloaded over the internet ...
With the file name and a similarity search you might as well find out and most probably synonymous, in the file's internal meta-information.
The tool should be starting by rats of a root directory of the complete directory structure and categorize the videos neatly (auto).
Is there such a tool?
Thanks and Greetings


Antwort von Mylenium:

Where are we to come here a "similarity search"? That may work fairly well for images using of IPCT, EXIF and GPS data and a bit of pattern recognition, but even in places far from being accurate. How do ask however that should come with your locally stored files, the completely arbitrary file sizes, time code, etc. and have never been operated by an external indexing service? It could give millions of files with the same name and same size, but completely different content - or not a single one. And even if you are downloading files of YouTube & Vimeo know, but without the additional information that is now floating around only once on the servers of the provider, not a man, that the file on your local server XYZ.MP4 some point the clip "the bunny hopping" was. Sorry, but that's just completely naive and sometimes not thought through ...



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