Infoseite // Video driver problems Titler of Premiere Elements 8.0

Frage von ucob:

Since the upgrade my PC running on Windows 7 64 Bit premiere element problems, synonymous with high-resolution files. Until yesterday. crashes when you create a title animation premiere off suddenly, after repetition, I get error message that Cuda support because of an incompatible video driver off wird.Ruckler are the result. Card is Radeon HD 4670 with current drivers are of 17.8.2009. S.PC changes were not made.
Who knows the problem and has suggested solutions?


Antwort von MM194:


I am surprised that CUDA was even turned on. CUDA is only available with NVidia graphics cards, not of ATI (AMD)! At Adobe you should stay on time with NVidia graphics cards.

PS: Your Drivers is not up to date! the current from 22/10/2010: Maybe it helps anyway.


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