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Frage von DezorianGuy:

After I Adobe Premiere CS4 and Virtual Dub tried to express my Video8 tapes to play, and it not worked, I tried Magix Video Deluxe. And lo and behold, tapes play over work.
Only what codec should I use?

It would be really great of you, if there is a clear answer about this, would be now without sounding presumptuous or impertinent to want. :)
My concern is (bin for years in search) to find a codec that does not blocks / pixelation, or other disaster affect my quality videos conjures.
The size of the exported video is 2.rangig.
For such a 720x576 video should be synonymous, but not more than 4.5 GB, because there are already HD movies on dvd size shrunk without visible loss of quality. As it should be but when old tapes are synonymous.
How high must the codec and the bitrate of the format, etc.?
I am simply not suitable codec-__ -
H264 in all its forms should be so great.

Hope that someone with a lot about codecs:)

PS: If the general miracle codec should give the synonymous for HD movies in question would, I would be more pleased.


Antwort von peha:

Hello DorianGray,
Clearly, I am not your project. Older analog video converted / digitalisert is usually referred to DV-AVI 720 * 576 (= SD).
On goes the best with a dedicated converter of about Canopus or via digit. with analog input. After capturing, the DV-AVI cut and then converted to MPEG2 for burning to DVD. Excellent MPEG2 - for example, are the Canopus Procoder Express or the equivalent of MainConcept encoder. Some authoring program useable encoder.


Antwort von DezorianGuy:

I heard here in this forum, that you should avoid in mpeg format to convert, because then brilliance or color irretrievably lost.
Is that so?


Antwort von peha:

Quote: should avoid to convert to mpeg format, because then brilliance or color irretrievably lost.

Schmarrn (forgiveness).


Antwort von DoBBy:

It seems to me as if you have serious problems understanding the basis ... Read times certain topics (just to Codecs encode and General) again thoroughly, then you will be behind a lot clearer and you'd be a question no longer arise.


Antwort von DezorianGuy:

I read for years about the issues of encoding, etc. However, without information on techniques to obtain. Or. see the movies encoded s.Ende from never really succeeded.
How high should the bit rate (constant or variable) generally with SD Shooting (for HD's are shooting for 5000)?
How do I convert into Magix Video Deluxe zb to DV-Avi, get only the choice between mpeg and MXV. However, no DV-AVI (no avi ...).
In which format will last encode I by my SD movies, without visible to optical losses (which bitrate, one pass, single pass, double pass ,..@_@)?
MPG4 x264 seems to be a good option to be, right?
Thus, I can then import synonymous in Premiere, right?
Games I only interlaced, to then later to encode progressive, or is that piepegal?

I beg you. But certainly you have some tips on stock except for the obligatory "Find out just" advice. : \
Have recently been here 40 cartridges lying and needs to ASAP in the best possible quality to burn DVDs ...'ve still time for this week: \
Super would be a listing of transactions that I should take in various programs. Or just what bitrate, and other modes and settings I need to carry.
The only program that allowed me to composite yourself is the moment Magix Video Deluxe. Premiere lets me hang (again).


Antwort von jazzy_d:

So video for the living room DVD player is mpeg2 with max. ca 9Mbit / s total. Since there is no way synonymous turn over and nothing to shake. You want so that the disc is in all DVD players is running.

Which program, such as digitized (whether in DV-AVI or mpeg2 or wmv or mov etc), I can not say now. The best would be probably a DV-AVI (25MBit / s). This can be cut and good times is not so highly compressed.

Then you can from your Schnittproggi create a DVD. This is already true.


Antwort von JMS Productions:

"DezorianGuy" wrote:
How high should the bit rate (constant or variable) generally with SD Shooting (for HD's are shooting for 5000)?

This depends on the target medium. Should there be a DVD, then choose the bitrate as high as logically possible. Now there are cases where you have so much footage that it is at the highest possible bit rate no longer on the DVD would fit. So it is with the bit rate so far down, until the material just yet so find a place on the DVD. This can vary depending on the length of the material and, depending on the quality of the encoder used so much that, as far as you are with the bit rate must go down, that the final result no longer looks good. Then you have to consider whether you simply create 2 DVDs. Fits super material on DVD, then it usually takes the highest bitrate. Now there are cases that some at a bit rate (higher than 8000 kbit / s) have problems when playing, although not likely, because they are standardized with the maximum bitrate of 9400 Kbit / s klarzukommen. Others contain are of the opinion that beyond the 7000 Kbit / s Limit eh no longer see any visible differences. I have already made the opposite experience and should always burn as high as possible.

In case of doubt, I advise you to times a bit rate of 7500-8000 kbits / s. Depending on when you like, you can go even higher. The encoder quality, I would at MAGIX ALWAYS stop when full can (in my case 15), better than ever, the encoder, the more you can synonymous with the bitrate down, without the picture is noticeably worse.

So, now to be a constant or Variable:
This is synonymous to do with whether your material without the problems of the length at the maximum bitrate to fit your DVD. If yes, then you can always quietly burn with constant bitrate, so constant 7500 or 8000 kbit / s.

If your material is not at the maximum bitrate to fit the DVD and as far as you need to go down with the constant bit rate, that it no longer looks so good, then you can choose a variable bitrate. (VBR-2-pass).
Here you have a low value, a mean and a peak s.Bitrate specify.
MAGIX then analyzes the video and looks pretty moving bodies (heavy pans, action scenes, etc), according to balance jobs and pretty quiet, static posts (tripod shots, stills, etc). The scenes will then get quiet, because little or no movement takes place to the current low value ascribed very action-packed places the maximum allowed. To save you from a very quiet recordings s.Bitrate that you contain for the hectic recording can use. So you see s.Ende really no qualitative difference.

As long as your material but still easily fits on a DVD (usually up to a length of 60 minutes DV-AVI video), I would always choose constant bit rate and as high as possible.

"DezorianGuy" wrote: How do I convert into Magix Video Deluxe zb to DV-Avi, get only the choice between mpeg and MXV. However, no DV-AVI (no avi ...). MPG4 x264 seems to be a good option to be, right?

I have you in your other thread already answered.

"DezorianGuy" wrote: In which format will last encode I by my SD movies, without visible to optical losses (which bitrate, one pass, single pass, double pass ,..@_@)?

Also I have you in your other thread answered. It depends on WHAT you with your target format plan. See the other thread.

"DezorianGuy" wrote:
Thus, I can then import synonymous in Premiere, right?

You can premiere in the most popular import formats, but it usually plays DV AVI in order to cut and cut until after it decides to which format will be encoded. It is not usual that you already have a format (ie MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc) back to the recordings once again to edit. It arises synonymously


Antwort von thos-berlin:

If you have tapes for 40 (only) a week and it did only a filing, then rent or buy a hard disk recorder with DVD Burners.

40 tapes in one week are only just below of proposed style of vacation days - and even then it will be very scarce. Restoring an analog tape is always in real time. Are the bands synonymous only one hour, you have a working week only with the spent reading.

This applies of course to the same extent for PC and hard disk recorder.

How it goes depends on the digitization of starting. I would now like no watertight forecasts for the rest of the time works out, because of various factors.

Synonymous you have the "result" after the digitization of a week, then it becomes very stressful.

If you only 1 hour per tape Nachbeabteitung need, you're already at 80 hours - You have the (work) week is still 8 hours to sleep (you can eat while reading). Do you need longer for treatment, then ....

There is still a weekend ;-)



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