Infoseite // Video feature of digicam unlock

Frage von Brockhaus:

Hello everyone!

It is specifically for the Panasonic TZ7, which - as perhaps is known - has a superior video feature. At least for a digicam.
Unfortunately, the models for the European market can accommodate only 15 minutes s.Stück. As I have heard, there should be this restriction synonymous with other manufacturers.

Is there a way to unlock it using software restriction?

Years ago I once the DV - enabled in input s.meinem camcorder, as I (in the service menu of the camcorder is, this so?'ve Adjusted) something. Sowas similar hovers before me.

Possibly. can be synonymous to install a different firmware ...

To know from anyone there?


Antwort von Yerri:

Can rumprobieren even a little bit. Maybe you can find an instruction in the Brockhaus. * g *

I do not think there will ever be because something official.


Antwort von tommyb:

Sowas is off not in vain - that has everything to do with import and especially MONEY.

Hence, there is sowas unlock when einspielt about the firmware in a different language (, for example, the U.S. version of the firmware of your camera).

Whether this works is, however, no guarantee, especially since the correct functioning of the device after a fortiori can not be guaranteed.


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