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I babe following problem:
I have a MP-3 Multmediaplayer of Tevion (MD81449) - this one to go
The only play according to instructions ...

"Your device supports the M-JPEG format. Ie files with the extensions *. mov and *. avi"

My question:
What codec and what program do I need to view the movies, I really only as a VCD (ie as a *. DAT file) have to convert?

I owned a movie in xvid format .* .... the runs on the player. Is this not a M-JPEG codec?
How siehts with DivX or what else can I do?

Greeting knubbellinchen
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Antwort von Gast 0815:

Get smart first time, what size the video device can play, what bit rate it can tolerate, and what audio format (bit rate) is required; also note how much space for the file will be available.
A path with Opensouce, freeware would be

Required Software:
1.) Virtualdub ( Program to Convert Files
2) ffdshow (
set the video codec available (when installing the Vdubplugin in the Virtualdub plugin folder to install!)
3) Lame-ACM for MP3 audio (

Vorgehn (roughly):

1) Install Programs
2.) in Vdub Source Load
3) Menu: Audio -> Full processing mode activate
4) Menu-> Audio -> Compression: Lame MP3> Tondatenrate choose.
5) Menu-> Video -> Full processing mode select
6) Menu-> Video -> Filters-> add-> deinterlace (if you need full)
7) Menu-> Video Filters-> add-> resize (Image Adjust)
8) Menu-> Video -> Compression> FFDShow video codec to choose, and then select Configure Encoder: MJPEG, as well as adjust bitrate, etc.
9) File with F7 to save and convert

Greetings from Marburg


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