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Hello, today was on the screen of my FX 1000 after a 3 day period of rotation that my video heads are dirty and I want it clean ...

Great, has come in the demolition of old houses again too much dust into the action. = (;

Well, I wanted to ask her what I guess I should let it run for a Reinigungskasette inside? I have one because I had 3 years ago, broken into 2 times Cams with condensation water damage in operation.
Sony or send the same in the repair?

Stop bad things I heard of Reinigungskasetten and would not like me shooting up my cam.

I'm looking forward to your opinions.

Regards David


Antwort von webfreak:

In your place I would look for a really experienced radio and television technician who can fix it. From a cleaning tape, I would let my fingers.

Where do you live? Near Dusseldorf? Since I could recommend someone to you.

Until then


Antwort von Georg:

My SonyHC7 had told me on several occasions reported an error. A cleaning cartridge has brought nothing. I have the camera then (at my local dealer; Stillimage Koch made in Dusseldorf). And she has s.Sonygeschickt after 3 weeks I had them back. All fine!


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