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Frage von NessiLaPink:

I have a problem. I'm an absolute looser what are umcodierung. hab mich schon hours by irgentwelche read manuals. did not understand .. my problem is this:

I have a video that I rotated like in the Windows Movie Maker would edit. [format: 3gp]

then comes this message:

The file 'C: \ Documents and Settings \ Benny \ Program Files \ ICQ \ 399596649 \ ReceivedFiles \ 448838404 ally, allison \ Bla ...!. 3gp' has no supported file type and can therefore not be included in Windows Movie Maker to be imported.

So I have to change the file .. because I can not, I thought that someone ENDWEDER a child or lightweight Instructions are vllt. jmd of me you could recode the video?

That would be really great, I almost despair.

Thank you (:


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"NessiLaPink" wrote: ... I have to change the file ...
It may help you with the info from this thread next:

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von NessiLaPink:

okii thank hinbekommen habs only AEH ..

Now comes this:

C: \ Documents and Settings \ Benny \ Desktop \ Mukke \ blabeste.wmv could not be imported. The selected file is invalid or corrupted.

& Now?


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