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Frage von Mike666:

Hello, I have a question about the data import. I have a Panasonic camcorder and have to test times 2 short videos recorded and then via firewire --
1. successfully imported into PC using Movie Maker
2. successfully in the Philips HDD recorder plays.

Both went without problems.

Now I want to but an edited video from the PC to the HDD recorder. But somehow this does not work. The PC will be a DV device but Movie Maker does not do that. What am I doing wrong?

Basically just need a PC to play the video and HDD recording - As from camcorder to HDD?

Greetings from Lake


Antwort von Markus:


DV connecting a HDD recorder is in most cases only a DV camcorder or recorder supports, but no computer. Show times in the first manual of the HDD recorder to determine what kind of player on IR port be accepted.

The next step is to invite you times


Antwort von Trixi200:

Now I've done it. The problem was that there is no DV-AVI format was that I wanted to play on. I have a different format in the Movie Maker and thus could play it the HDD Rec. not read.


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