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Frage von legogast:

I have the following problem. I did yesterday with my video camera recorded something that I gladly would like to recruit at youtube.
I have the camera s.den computer connected with powerproducer2 the movie cut together, and then the Project as a VCD burned.
The synonymous everything runs fine on my DVD player and so, but there exist on the CD does not file, which I somehow one could click or upload. The files are called EXT MPEGAV SEGMENT and VCD and it is nothing I can open individually. The hard drive stored on Project is a ppp file, according to the oracle of google not in avi or another format is convertible. Do you have a tip, as I have the movie on YouTube to get your camcorder?


Antwort von Chezus:

The ppp file is probably the project file. The file contains the program for the information about the film, so where are the files on your computer and what you've already cut. The film itself is not included.

Procedure for Youtube: Material and capture as Divx or Mpeg4 spend. Or. convert the material. As Divx you can then upload


Antwort von MichaSpr:

Thanks for the help.


Antwort von Eva Maier:

Dioe file you are looking for heist

Avxxxx.Dat - and must be renamed to mpg


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