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Frage von mischwob:

Hello everybody,
We want to create a video that at least six, at best, more than 11 monitors á 853 px Width (430px Height must be running). Power in a minimum width of the video of 6 * 835px = 5010px

Premiere can / will only allow a maximum width of 4096px Project. (Edit Mode "Desktop")

1) Is it possible to realize Premiere * trick * to a correspondingly wide Project?

2) Is there a special DV editing software for such projects?

(Splitter software for subsequent distribution to the monitors is available)

Thanks for a tip!


Antwort von prime:

be 1) Do the video resolution of 1:1 desktop resolution?
2) If an upscale (of 4096 to 5010px) after editing in Premiere rich? Possibly. does it with VirtualDub.

And just purely out of interest - what monitors are for these peculiar Resolutionhaben?


Antwort von frm:

I just like a Project.
I have created pan for 3 nbeneinander Projected Beamer Also one with Resolution3072 x768 (3x1024 x 768)
I have done everything, Complete in After Effects. Origin composition in full resolution, then 3 with each individual in 1024x768 I have nested 3072 each left and right in the middle position.
Then I spent the whole pixel on Media Encoder in quadratic. I advise you in such a way of working synonymous, because everything that is not a video format is to export Eieren schwiergi. You will indeed synonymous all monitors must be controlled individually, what do you want with a Picture with a 5000 resolution?
With what software you control the whole?



Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: Is it possible to realize Premiere * trick * to a correspondingly wide Project?

yes sure you tamper with CS5, as is the maximum sequence size of 8.192 × 10.240 px


Antwort von mischwob:

thanks for the tips

The latest update is now the one to be used Resolutionvon 1600x900.

If I create a Project with appropriate measures in this manual premiere and then a background graphic stripes with exactly 1600px wide import stay left and right in the Monitor window beam black, how can that be when the project himself synonymous is created at 1600 wide?

thank you for a note


Antwort von prime:

Have you chosen a pixel aspect ratio of 1:1?


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