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Frage von moker:


first, a warm greeting s.dieses forum. I have found much support.

Now to my question. Maybe it sounds quite simple, but I'm not the desired result.

- I have a Canon HV30 HDV and a film.
- This is due to hard drive as * mpg saved and there will be synonymous as wish to play.
- Then I have this file online
- Is now selected, provides the Windows Media Player synonymous to download the file to. As a result, can be downloaded again synonymous File View

extent Sogut ...

I would, however, that if the selected file on the Internet is not the download is offered, but is playing.
The aim is not only the whole video to load (it is very big), so to speak, but in small bites so much that way, it just may be the same Run. If you think I have a stream?

... has someone help with how I achieved?

best greeting


Antwort von beiti:

HDV has a data rate of 25 MBit / sec. Usual range of DSL access of 1-16 MBit / sec, is much too slow to HDV in real time to transfer. There's just the download, if you necessarily Originalfile online need.

I would s.Deiner body do what is customary on the Internet: Rechne the film in a real streaming format with reduced data rate to Resolutionund. The most popular today is the (YouTube usof used) Flash video format that you have a flash player directly into web pages can include. But you can synonymous a Windows Media file (or Real Video or Quicktime) to create.

How exactly you need to proceed, depends of the used software. With search word "streaming video" you should find.


Antwort von Axel:

You could a video in Vimeo

Antwort von darklord77:

You have the videi into a Flash Video (. FLV) format.
Will YOU be on your own website? Or in any community?


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