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Frage von Piper_Kasi:

I might post something here, where the other hand beat the forehead - whether's drum.

At a training session, I have a CD by using sign language, which
s.eine list includes terms with corresponding
b) a short video on the concept plays in a loop and
c) a picture of the concept shows (if possible) and
d) provides a brief description.

When playing the video hook the most. That is, they run to stop about halfway and then run next or jump to the end. As a gesture of the movement is interrupted, because one can not ignore drüber.

The same error occurs synonymous, when the videos directly from the Explorer will be launched, and although in my two computers. On other runs everything flawlessly.

The size of the video files on average between 200 and 500 KB, some a little bigger.

The error is supposed to lie in the video codec.
I'm using Win XP and the Win Media Player for XP
Video Inspector v2.1.0.116 says that the movies are in MPEG-1 codec before
GSpot says that the necessary codecs are installed.
In the Nero Showtime player enters the error does not occur.

But it is not meaning and purpose of the thing, the videos are manual, ie quasi-external, to be opened.

Can someone help me or give a tip? Please do not fold in Chinese - to my knowledge is not sufficient. Maybe help the screenshots in the appendix. Thank you very much.

Piper Kasi, 11.03.09


Antwort von weitwinkel:

times the disk to copy videos ...
gruß cj


Antwort von Piper_Kasi:

Already tried. Problem remains.


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