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Frage von crocoeddy:

Hello s.alle professionals

am New here and have many questions and hope you can help me.

For my new stage show I want on a screen beaming live camera pictures of my music and video from the PC.

I would like to have 4-6 cameras in the tape distributed.

Now my questions:

1) What are the cameras are on a well-lit stage?

2) the cameras s.einen PC or a video mixer are connected?

3) If PC, what hardware and software do I need?

Thank you for your solutions,



Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Good lighting is ever of advantage, but nevertheless the question arises: In what price range you looking for?


Antwort von crocoeddy:

OK ...

For ne good show from what I'm happy times ... but we want it synonymous not overdo it.

I think there should be one sitting in some way and send s.Laptop 4-6 camera images as desired and mix with video clips on NEN Beamer.

Favorable currencies already great. 'm Curious what you (you) so calculated.




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