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Frage von opivan:


I would of a DVD player via a video cable 15 meters (RG59)
s.einen a video projector to send!
It's easy!
Once I do, but the audio cable (RCA Male) with the mixer (Allen & Heath) associate, appears on the projector an interfering and after a few seconds, the connection is lost!

When I put the DVD player with the same video cable s.einen Television and connect the audio cables to the mixer, this is not interfering?
All cables are tested and OK!
How can I get this Stösignal that appears with the mixer has to be done away?

Would someone super fast if you would reply!



Antwort von lokipoki:

is indeed a strange error, I would be following in that order, try:

1: mixer and DVD player and projector on a circuit, without any connection to an existing Lichtstellpult or dimmer.

2: DVD player swap

3: Audio DI Box between DVD player and mixer

3: DI Box Video between DVD player and projector



Antwort von opivan:

Thanks for the tip!

With a DI box between the mixer and DVD player is the signal to noise gone!
Has anything with a mass several times to do!


Antwort von lokipoki:

wat is ne DI-box, please?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Anonymous" wrote: wat is ne DI-box, please?

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von lokipoki:

Ahja - THX!


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