Infoseite // Video rendering -> crash / reboot / exit

Frage von dope34:

Pinnacle 8,9,10
Ulead 8
Sony Vegas 6

All these Programs have problems when rendering.
After an indeterminate time, and no preference in which video and no preference whether "raw material" from the camcorder dv (-enters avi), or even rendered views mpeg (svcd format) to an error.
Either the program closes (s.häufigsten) or the PC restarts (synonymous nich rare) or what has happened 2 times, the pc freezes.

what the reason may lie

Athlon XP 2800 +
Rado 9700 Pro
1024 MB Infineon Ram
Windows XP Prof.
Via KT400


Antwort von Stefan:

Be sure to check the cooling of the processor and install a tool for displaying the temperature in the processor. This sounds very much inspired by overheating. I have sacrificed in this way the encoder is already an Athlon God. Braves animal that had to be, he hoped it was better now!

Much Grück
The fat Stefan


Antwort von universl:

Alternatively, you can check the temperature synonymous in the bios, more than 40-45 degrees should have a amd 2800 + not together. wenns is higher, and to make your computer to look, whether

is filthy a.) the ventilator
b.) the lamellae of the heat sink is free of dirt

the problem I had in fact times.


Antwort von dope34:

thermally everything is ok, have only recently nen new cpu cooler on it cleaned up and made all the dust is another.
And if the temperature is too high, it can happen at doing this, what happened to 1.2 times, freezing, but a reboot or above all an end of the program ONLY and otherwise flawless operation ...!?


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