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Frage von Casi666:


unfortunately I could not really search to help you - so I have the following problem.

I enclose a 16:9 with Premiere Project - 25fps and aspect ratio 1.422. In this project, I prefer a 4:3 zoom and extent of "movement" in the movie that is 16:9. Now I render the movie out. Example: with Quicktime animation codec - where do I enter the data as follows: 720 x 576 with 25 fps and widescreen with 1.422 - after rendering the movie in any player as a 4:3 played. Sure, for example, VLC Player, I can simply maintain the aspect ratio to 16:9 change - but this is not the intention.

What am I doing wrong? Have different codecs when rendering probiert, synonymous already had a "real" 16:9 movie into my 16:9 Project withdrawn - after the off this was synonymous to 4:3 by default ..

Who knows the problem or advice?

My thanks to you certainly was:)




Antwort von Udo Schröer:

Premiere not Know!
The aspect ratio of 1.422 is synonymous not 16:9
4:3 = 1.33
16:9 = 1.78


Antwort von Wiro:

PC software players go out of square pixels and do not analyze what PAR an AVI file has. Therefore, you can manually switch the VLC.

To your video on a software player correctly you need with 1024x576 pixels @ Square export - voila correct presentation on each player.
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von Casi666:

Daaanke - that's it:)

I am overjoyed - I can finally begin to cut!



Antwort von Markus:

"Casi666" wrote: ... finally I can begin to cut!
Wait a minute, the images should still be cut and not a "Just Play" s.PC available? In this case render the 4:3 to 16:9 of custom images as a DV-AVI with 720 × 576 pixels and a pixel aspect ratio of 1.422.

When you export make sure dass .. see here: What is an AVI file in the Aspect Ratio?


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