Infoseite // Video tapes with video deluxe 15 Pros date - how?

Frage von mfrank65:

I have in the past few years my DV tapes via firewire and Windows Movie Maker on my calculator and then transferred next processed. When the clip was the timecode of the tape-out car and with the calculator over. Since I use my tapes of the last 10 years all in chronological order did, I had this opportunity very well. So I was after dubbing the tape now in a position to see what's on the tape was filmed WHEN.
Now I have a few weeks of HDV Camera Sony (HDR-HC9E) purchased and synonymous to the above version of Magix acquired. I can be my footage is easy to play. However, I have not yet found no opportunity, the time code read out. That means for me that I need a few weeks of the recording no longer clearly say when the material has been rotated. As a father of four children is a particularly bitter. Especially with family photographs, it is particularly so on the date and time of the recording to. So my question, I have overlooked something or is it really not?
Thanks in advance for the help and many greetings


Antwort von eberhard:

Try with the text editor, right-click "Show date as title"



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