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Frage von max_p:

Servus. It's possible a video on a sphere or a cylinder basket. Is that somehow synonymous with a cube?

Do not understand Dice wrong. I am not interested in the top and bottom. So the video will be on 4 of 6 pages. Ich habs have ever tried in a few other forums but still had no success. Maybe I'm even more fortunate here;)

Ahja: I would just put a video on it. The synonymous but not copied to all parties, but "shared" So if I rotate the cube so that I can see two sides then synonymous, I can only see half the videos.

I'd really like to solve by a plugin. Until now I still have not found any.


Antwort von Jörg:

what plugins you need everything ...
Multiply the clip three times, masking the desired area, turn to 3 d level and placing the layers in Raum.Aufwand 3 minutes
Certainly, one can solve synonymous with the script.


Antwort von max_p:

her? gabs already ask again? ;)

I would like to edit the clip yet. the intention is indeed to have a preview how the video works.

more detail: I want a couple of the videos on a cuboid to be run in succession. to simulate to what we made, I want this in s.nachbauen so good it goes halfway. 'to view the videos on each other. the speed of the effects which will determine when to run and so still a ground why in ae: for I have only found an LED plugin which I can just leave and how fast the video to nem led screen show

I will not have the time rauszurendern round each time and then uploading it again eliminate errors, etc. I want to make it so.

With your method I would have 4 Edit videos. Also, I can eg not reasonable to take an effect when active, eg a cuboid arrow at the top runs.

now is determined to come: to make with masks. habs tried does not work really. werds but try anyway in the direction parallel to next


Antwort von Mylenium:

"max_p" wrote:
With your method I would have 4 Edit videos. Also, I can eg not reasonable to take an effect when active, eg a cuboid arrow at the top runs.

Yo clear, and an advertising sign makers would be quite synonymous determines an arrow, which he stuck around a corner must together from lots of tiny little snippet ... Think with time! You make a problem where there is none. Nobody forbids you to invest in the necessary precompose Width / Height as a collective work and then they snip to pieces in separate compositions with the respective section, which in turn you are using a separate 3D layers in your Voransichtskomp. Zero Problemo, alf would like to say ...



Antwort von max_p:

snip to pieces with words masks hide the rest?


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