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Frage von xalfaro:

Hi All,

I (for a PowerPoint presentation a short video, creating animation of photos). The video is one UNUSUAL sizes / have aspect ratio. Portrait: 800x625pix.

I am not aware that a video codec support such a format. Can anyone tell me if this is actually impossible, or if there's a way. Probably Flash would be the solution, right?

Thank schonmal



Antwort von beiti:

In most of the codecs you can freely adjust the resolution. So it should be no problem here from the codec to produce a corresponding video. Of course, it depends on the software; popular entry-level video programs to make only standard resolutions. Eligible for Exceptional format, either cut programs or various professional freeware tools into consideration.

Flash helps you in the next case, not. Flash itself is not a video format, but only provides opportunities to play videos of different format. This part takes Powerpoint in your case.

Welcome to Flash-based websites can be found incidentally videos in different aspect ratios, including synonymous portrait, which shows already that the codec (; such BH264) that has no problem.


Antwort von Wiro:

The obvious way is that of inserting a WMV.
WMV is a Microsoft's own codec, and of course so brilliantly with Powerpoint.

WMV can be any number divisible by 8 size. Your 625px are problematic, since not divisible by 8. Take instead 624th
Greeting Wiro


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