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Video8 Bänder auf PC - per D8 oder analogem Abspieler und Wandler?

Video8 tapes to PC - by D8 or analog converter and player?

Frage von GhostDog:
September 2005


I would like our old family videos (about 35 tapes) like to preserve from decay and save them on DVD. Unfortunately, the old 8 mm video camera is now broken, so that the recording device, I can not use it as schonmal Einspieler.
The tapes are sometimes not quite in perfect condition - even the camera had some problems with some of the play, but of course that could be synonymous first signs of the hardware defect.

Currently I see for my project in two ways:

1st) I use the camera to my sister-D8 as Einspieler via Firewire. The type of camera I know by heart, not exactly, but I know that it works. However, the quality was not quite convincing in my previous attempts - but I had no comparative figures synonymous, so do not know what quality the presentation was.

2) I'll get myself a Video8/Hi8 recorder (eg SonyEV-C 1000, etc.) and feed the data to the calculator. Currently on my Fast DVNOW.AV could work out, and I have the card with severe problems under Windows XP. Alternatively, I've played synonymous with the idea with a Canopus ADVC zuzulegen 55 or 110 (on motherboard firewire port), I would be so regardless of the card and the whole thing should work later times synonymous with Linux, which in almost unlikely is.

As software I currently use Adobe Premiere 6.0.

Since I have never done something like this in a big way, I would like to know how the variants are qualitatively assess. What better results can be expected and what is with respect to hire for this project.

Would be nice if you had a few opinions for me.



Antwort von Jan:


really good would be the possibility of a Canopus converter to go there may be synonymous to increase the quality of old recordings.

recommendation-data-video dac-100-or-canopus ADVC-110

If you go this route but you can still advance with Mark
to talk because these converters are steep in price, and maybe he can make you a good offer.
He uses expensive individual devices rausholen everything from the old material, and you would stand sits s.Computer you can save yourself then.

Ifs s.Money is, of course, your version with the Digi Cam 8 the best.
But the picture is not very probably be good Videoaktivdigital once had presented all the possibilities with test images:

zb. AV / DV NLE editing cards for PC's - most expensive, with low quality cards was moderately
- DV converter box (eg Canopus) superior quality - expensive purchase
External-capture boxes (eg Dazzle DVC 80) - quality but moderately priced
Moderate-S-Video or AV in on camera - the quality most
-on graphics card usually expensive or poor quality in a Favorable Cards
over-expensive standalone system of Macro System Casablanca Prestige but good quality
About DVD-recorder with a good decent quality but expensive


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hello, I leave the easy on my Panasonic NV-MX300 run!
Which has an input (or output analos can use mana uch as EIngang!) And on digital-out (firewire) s.dem PC!
Then I close with something analogous s.and take on the PC!

It's easy, and digitize any cost without an extra device!

Love Greetings

Antwort von Jan:


I had described with S Video or AV in, but with the test camera at the Mag not overly confident (I think it is not the cheapest) was


Antwort von salix:

Thanks for the listing of the comparison - just looking for something like this I had, but have not yet found :-)

Of course, the money plays a certain role (especially when the fees come soon ...* sigh *), so I never seek the moment the best compromise. I have some old VHS recordings synonymous, which I digitalisiseren and of the moment so I tend to be one of the smaller Canopus ADVC - probably the 110th He has not the capabilities of the 300ER, but it fits more in my price range and seems synonymous deliver decent results.

Sure I could make it easier for me if I would give it to someone else and probably would be even better results, but then I would lose the fun s.Hobby ;-)

I will go and look for a suitable setter lookout.



PS: Since I registered separately and then forgotten when creating the topics to log me in advance ... sorry

Antwort von salix:

the AV-in trick works for me, unfortunately not, because my camera does not have AV-in and agency is scheduled s.der erstmal no new investment ...

Antwort von Jan:


with a D8 camera of Sony, it would be nonsense to what to do with Av, D 8 - firewire - PC is then optimal. You only have to care that the D8 even 8 mm analog accepted at the moment when the current TRV 480th In older models, it was almost everybody.


Antwort von salix:


the non-functioning AV-trick I was referring to my SonyDCR-TRV15E. This is a mini-DV equipment, and unfortunately without AV or DV - In.

The D8 camera I then picked for my sister. Was just very cheap and seemed to be good. It is a simpler model from one of the first two series - because I'm not exactly sure, but I know that it is Hi8 or Video8, because I used it schoneinmal.

But thanks for the hint :-)

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Niko,

I would have expected that when capturing the Digital8 camcorder with the best quality is achieved (see synonymous FireWire FAQ">-> 4 special Video8 / Hi8).

Archiving on a DVD stand (not just me) critical. See the following posts:
" CD vs. DVD... Haltbarkeit?
" If a new generation on the market?

PS: Jan, thank you for the "advertising" ;-)

Antwort von salix:


That gives me even just a little thought. As I previously could not even get hold of cheap Hi8 recorder, the D8 camera is almost always available, I will probably try erstmal here a little, look like the results.

In the long term I'm going to be probably a grow analog / digital converter, because I was a couple of VHS and S-VHC had tapes that I would like to dub synonymous. If that is the house and an opportunity presents itself, I'm going to test a player with the analog converter. Once I have comparables (which will surely take a while), I will post them of course.

Concerning whether the archiving ye took me a little confused ... First, I will simply ban the films uncut times on DVD, so you can watch it at least schonmal to hire and I'd try to play the digitized material on mini DV. This can be perfectly re-import and hopefully keep for long.
Hard disks, I think that is synonymous not exactly the most secure solution (except perhaps) in Raid composite, since I died about two weeks of one day to a 60GB HDD and data () without any significant effects.



Antwort von grit:

hello, I search and search, but somehow I managed it well not to challenge the right to ask ... I want to try it here ... okay ... women and technology is anyway to seal a letter with 7, but I would like to try it ... who can (want) to help me? And please do not understand Chinese in the fold, but something less bulky for people with technical ... would be super ...
So, I have one of sanyo digital camera of 1993, now stands in front of me 'n laptop and I would like to know how these Casetten transferred 8mm video to this nice laptop ... what program do I need? or any of the camera adapter for laptop ... 'm a little desperate ... taste great, I can not afford that is, but I would still view the old photos and can possibly synonymous to burn dvd ...

surely this question has already been discussed, but I find nothing that could help me ... Here is someone who could help me?

lg grit

Antwort von videojoe:

If you have access to a DVD recorder you have, take care with The

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Ansonsen lend you a Digital8 camera, can play the Video8 and close this s.den Firewire port on your PC


leiger or you'll get an A / D converter (Canoüus, Datavideo like) you s.den your camera and join the Ausghang with the Firewire port of your PC is connected.

As a software you can now use all the usual PC-editing programs hergibt (and special Einlese-/Captureprogramme) available to the market.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"grind" wrote:
... want to know ... how ... Tapes 8mm video to laptop dubbed ... ...

Here you will find all the ways described well:

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von grit:

Oh heaven, I thank you sincerely ...

I try to play through all the tips and opportunities ... Unfortunately, the works with the dvd-recorder does not, which was ninth in my circle ...

With such a quick response, I've never counted ... class ...

I love the internet ...

s.euch and even a hello again


glg grit

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