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Frage von sritzu:


I ask once again need your help.

I have a sony dcr-DVD92 with a video recorded on mini-dvd. the resulting vob file I have with PVAStrumento converted to a mpg file that could be synonymous ulead video studio show 11th cut after days, add subtitles and sound deposits, I would like to add the project is now in video studio synonymous to a dvd burn (; "Create disc").

I have already tried several times, but it's just never anything synchronously - either visual and tone do not match, or the caption to run much too slowly or are not even my mitgebrannt sections, but only the original unedited video.

If I have just one video file (; mpg) create, everything synchronously - only through the burn it comes to problems ..

know me no longer - please, please, rat, it is very urgent, because it is a video for a wedding and will soon be finished.

It is ev s.pal / ntsc settings? in video studio stands above the project name "DVD NTSC 720 * 480-stereo," I've seen until now. If I want to create a PAL DVD, comes a message that it could come to any errors - result is the dvd, where visual and tone are asynchronously. if I just burn project than NTSC, and adjust the subtitles do not miss my sections. I always burn in HQ mode (; film is only 15 minutes. goes well on dvd out).

am grateful f. tip everyone!

ps: I just want to make a DVD, the dvd-player is playable on any ...


Antwort von sritzu:

problem was first solved - if I mpg file with nero as dvd-video burning, everything synchronously.

I wonder still, what's the problem with video studio is located ..


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