Infoseite // VideoStudio9 question: Multiple projects into one?

Frage von flaxi:

Ulead Video Studio 9 and have wanted to ask if you can merge several film projects A project around the issue then? Would have the advantage that you could split a 1 hour movie in several projects (intro, part 1, part 2 ...) and then later the whole still has as a film.

Gibts there some trick how to do this or can the VS not it?

Schönes WE,


Antwort von our:

I would not consider multiple Project files in VS. If you want to play a passage of the calculator takes a very long time about the effects, sound, script ... synchronisieren.lieber from each project to make a video file and drag them together


Antwort von cheekybit:

Hi our.

I MediaStudio novice and had the same problem. Unfortunately I do not really understand your answer, you could perhaps explain to me precisely what I do now?

Thank you for your help.


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