Infoseite // Videoberabeitung with Magix

Frage von chris26:

2 weeks since I have a Canon HF200 and am actually quite happy with it. only with the videoberabeitungssoftware I have great effortlessly. PIXELA is working with the totally unsatisfactory to me, so I downloaded the test version of magix video deluxe. But this does not recognize the mts files. They've been trying to convert synonymous but did not succeed. 'm slowly s.verzweifeln.
who has thus been gmacht experiences and can help me. Am very grateful for every tip.


Antwort von glider_pilot:

The trial version of Magix VDL not take my knowledge to all formats. The full version again all popular video formats. I own the Canon but not to try it myself, but you still could be the files that the outputs of the Camera with Pixela as such. Exporting avi, Magix would be able to read this format. I hope this is now so reasonably understandable terms.
Good luck


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