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Frage von Eimäck:

I bought a 2.Gerät the SonyNEX-VG10, so far I've only with MDV (XM1 Canon XM2 &) and HDV (Canon XH A1 High Definition) worked and that was no problem, the new SonyNEX-VG10 is not of Final Cut Pro I now recognize the files of 10 per Toast with different settings have converted, but somehow I never get the image quality out there was originally.
Oh and a 2nd Question, I'm here in the forum at some point read ProRes 4444 would be the best thing for HD videos I min overnight on an iMac i7 an approximately 155th long play, it is converted to the right as a <b> 293 GB </ b> creates large file ????? And please, what is a good archival format if I want to get as much quality, but will provide more than 1/10th of the space available for this purpose?


Antwort von Jott:

ProRes 4444 is for what you want, total overkill, that's for other things. Just take ProRes LT and look for the difference.

As for the import into Final Cut Pro: Camera or card connected, logging and transferring. The help of Toast 10 you need only if you've ignored the original data structure or destroyed.


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