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Frage von Martin Imlau:


I myself recently as an MP3 player with video function
(TechniPlayer8) were purchased. Videos synonymous to see amazingly good.
Unfortunately remembers the player does not break at the last position
but starts the playback of the front.
Therefore I am now looking for a program, with which I am in the car videos
individual "blocks" (eg 10 minutes per file) can be split.

Video format of the player:
Container: AVI
Video: XVid, 224 * 176, 20fps
Audio: MP2, 128 kb / s


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Antwort von Markus Fuenfrocken:

Imlauer Martin wrote:
> Therefore I am now looking for a program, with which I Videos
> Car in individual "blocks" (eg 10 per file
> Minutes) can be split.
As always, the free VirtualDub.
"Direct Stream Copy" for audio and video and then choose "save s.segmented
avi ". Below you can cut the limit in frames per MB or specify.



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