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Frage von MaverikMS2001:


I have a quick question. I am to piecing a few trailers, so they appear later 16m2 on a large LED wall. Now I've watched all day and was a little puzzled about the resolution. Real Resolutionwar 512 x 388th However, the video of Prcessor RGBlink VSP618 indicated he feeded with the changeover was Satelitte outputs 1024x768. Then I tried to connect my laptop to see how the videos are shown s.besten. Unfortunately I missed a few more centimeters.

Now my question is if I spend the whole DVD then scaled the video Przessor all seem to be high on 1024x768 it not make sense all the same issue in 1024x768?


Antwort von tommyb:

Could you make, but a DVD is only 720x576 (PAL) or 720x480 (NTSC). This is standard.


Antwort von Jott:

The real quality of these screens is so underground, there is a DVD more than sufficient.


Antwort von robbie:

It always built all of the elements so based on a video wall.
16sqm now synonymous no supernatural size.
But no preference below what comes in, it works either way on the processor, and makes his work in principle, not bad ...


Antwort von TheBubble:

I would respect synonymous to whether work is possibly with a relatively low frame rate and then take into account the possible with.


Antwort von PeterM:

Since there is no general answer, since it ankomt out which LED is used.
It is important to know that the LED itself is synonymous again a processor, which ultimately scaled the Picture on the available sthenden RGB pixels.
Perhaps more fundamentally, is especially necessary for XGA projectors or simple LED Walls, which makes sense even deliver progressive and when the LED
as synonymous many Vernastaltungsbeamer only 60 HZ (or LED walls in a multiple thereof) may be delivered synonymous 60 Hz or NTSC.
We supply for LED Walls and XGA projectors in general
is 1024 * 768 in 60 Hz s.sofern not mixed yet another 50 Hz or PALmaterial or switched.


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