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Frage von Schall_und_Rauch:

Hi All,

've diligently searched the forum but found no real right answer to my question:

Which program is available for the Mac, with whom I swf. Mov, avi ... Mpg or other video files into Flash files (can convert)? Macromedia Flash directly, without having to buy, of course.

Is there such an add-on for Quicktime Pro, so I did. Can export swf files? The best would be a program where you can make export synonymous with timing information, eg. if I have a. specify jpg file as a Flash export, can, how many seconds it. jpg to be seen.

Schonmal Thanks for your help!


Antwort von MiXMaster:


there are many programs create the swf files. but swf is equal niccht vectorized video so pay attention. if you truly need vectorization you come around to flsah not. otherwise, can be made synonymous herausspielen after effects flash or from a compression program such as squeeze.



Antwort von Schall_und_Rauch:

Yo, danke erstmal!
Yes, Squeeze synonymous, I have seen, however, costs the same as Flash, that is too expensive ...

Gibts da not any freeware / shareware tool for PC, there is sowas apparently en masse ...?



Antwort von MiXMaster:

A possible freeware, the usmacht at doing this, for example, is Wax ( But it is actually a fairly extensive compositing software for the. Swf output is only one option s.Rande.



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