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Frage von onearmer:

I want my collection of DVDs of my performances on a hard drive
store and archive them. Habs already tried dozens of times but not to come
the quality of the DVD ran. The DVD is always better to play during direct
as the stored files. How can I s.besten my videos
store and archive as possible without quality loss. Unfortunately, there are
imovie so many ways I am simply overwhelmed loan. I
was synonymous Final Cut, if that is better but I get the VTS files with
Final Cut simply not imported. Thanks for your help.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

In the DVD you diee simply pull all files on the hard drive?

Or do you want to cut all together before?

B. DeKid


Antwort von onearmer:

Yes, I want the videos to create some cutting, pasting titles, trailers,
etc. and archive as possible. No special folders each VTS
cut film as the sole file. For example, DV or avi. but how
I said. The controls are almost unlimited. , I try and
try and stop looking for the best but it always come with at
things here that you do not even want herraus kucken on a cell phone.
Pixel which means that you can count with the naked eye.
But thank you before for this tip is ever a solution to I
coping with me in the video world.


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