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Frage von Mato:

my question was already under Beginners Questions posted because I feel myself as a beginner, but the topic probably belongs here.
It is a question that I have for my work, usStraßenkinder in Rio, very unobtrusive documentary video recordings to do it. It is only a very slim digital photo camera question. My Cybershot provides so-called MPEG Movie VX-movies, which are surprisingly successful against any further processing in order to defend themselves.
Effects in the Forum department "beginner questions" posted under the same title.
Any help would be very grateful.



Antwort von Gast 0815:

Running since the films in Windows Media Player?
If so, should a conversion / reading in video editing program by Avisynthscript possible.
An otherwise appropriate converter for the format in any case I would not otherwise be known.

Greetings from Marburg


Antwort von Jan:

Reinhartshausen times Format Casio Z 1000th First of 25 frames / sec (better to convert - if desired) and the DiVX codec the only good half as much space as the needs of the Sonyand depending on the DVD player straight to DVD then can be reproduced without a big convert.

Only the Z 1000 as one of the streaky cameras I know, yes the Pixelwahn has now re-added instead of 750 / 850 to 1 / 1, 8 "CCD 10 mio. Pixels distributed.

Noise is certainly not it strange, just as blurred images during fast Durchdrücken the shutter. That is one reason why synonymous as quickly Casios are pressing the emergency is no distance measured, but in the internal Camera Picture nachgeschärft.

Chip the company has already 2 camera lies official revealed, but already known, on the one hand, the motive paarund 30 programs
The user even more beautiful pictures in certain situations should vorgaugeln. Unfortunately, 20 Programs in exposure / color exactly. Just like their Anti Shake DSP - not just high ISO setting, which can more or less every camera.

Past Movie Of Casio zb is quite nice.

The Internet should be free converter but will find that in normal SonyMPEG converts MPEG 2. Just then try single, so the 30 frames to 25 frames are usually modest.

When video is eh, but Sony does not light, zoom or AF during the video is almost all foreign (H 5 I know with zoom), Casio has since at least the digital zoom.

Optical Zoom between the video and AF, some Kodak or Samsung. Large zoom and compact design, yet I can TZ 1 of Panasonic very heartily (10x Opt, opt AF & Zoom during video, opt. Stabi) Resolution848 x 480 with 30 images / sec, the new Venus Engine III processor will be synonymous highly praised in terms of image noise, the Pana was not always so. While the QuickTime video format, just like most Mac users.

Other companies such as Canon fetch features with other people like s.Bord eg S3IS with stereo sound or the G7, with switchable built-in ND Filters - have the most consumer cameras do not even ....



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