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Frage von lph87:

I want my Kodak EasyShare Z885 for playback of video clips to use.

In what format should I convert the videos and what software would be suitable ?????

Thank you for your HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Antwort von Jan:


Kodak Z 885 is in Quicktime with MPEG 4 compression on.
I think because you have to test the correct extension so you can find - just a test film with the camera that would probably be AVI or MOV, with Kodak film, I rarely ....

I would like converters with the Total Video Converter convert the most important format and a trial - but in the correct folder the movie set, the folder is not synonymous unbenennen. Where the film camera can be arranged just so with a test film out.

That could be difficult, it is not as easy as JPEGs in the correct folder to put ...

Samsung I 7 would be excellent for your project, which has a built in video player. The included software then converts your movie into your output the correct format I 7.



Antwort von Martin Dienert:


with a movie camera recorded with GSpot and investigate your Wunschfilm eg with VirtualDub and ffdshow to convert this format. Score with GSpot review.
An interesting question here is again the framerate. DVDs (or a converted DVD of film) has here in Europe is typically 25 fps, your camera, 30 fps.



Antwort von Martin Dienert:

I again,

This has left me no peace, the idea is just too interesting.

I have been here yesterday, Casio Z1080 lying. This Camera is in *. mov format. (25 fps, h.264)
From my search for a suitable camera on the Internet, I have test files for the V7 Casio (30 fps) and Z1200 (20 fps) on the hard drive. Both files and renamed according to the correct folder to copy the camera (with an extra card) to function smoothly. Whether the true speed s.den short, I can not find files.
A video of a Panasonic FX10 (synonymous *. mov) does not work. "This file can not be played." is the message of the Camera. Gspot synonymous recognizes a different video format (Apple Photo Jpeg).

So it is quite possible that it is synonymous with you works out. If you need help but post a short video piece.



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