Infoseite // Videos with different frame rates Zusammenschneiden?

Frage von ronnym:

I have a few days ago a few questions about fps. Bius today I found any solution to this problem. Can it be that the question is too stupid? I am describing here again the Probhlem. Please help me.
I have pinnacle studio 9 on my computer. I have a few small videos with different digital cameras rotated. The movies are all stored in MPEG format. I have now tried all the movies in the Pinnacle Studio add together. Unfortunately, this does not work. It appears to me always the integration due to the different fps is not possible. Is it possible to adjust the frames, or are there other possibilities from these videos to make one.


Antwort von AndyZZ:

PAL has 25 frames per second (fps = frames per second)
Your Mpeg movies probably have 30 fps or 29.97 fps or 18 fps or ...
Loading times only one (1) Film and export the format to a standard DV or MPEG2. Perhaps Pinnacle adapts the car. If all movies had the same fps, then the compilation should be synonymous funz.




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