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Frage von Leonita:

Hallo Ihr Lieben.
I have times a stupid frage.ich tell me for you to profit this Blöd to ask but I think they ask for me ok.
can a so nice of you to be here a video anuschauen.
it interesiret me with what program this video is cut.
s.anfang is a shadow, and then how it looks like a camera, but as I said I wanted you not storms, but I had to.
I have myself for 3 weeks with Avid Liquid probiert did not shop.
Please Please look at times, this video.macht your ears, because this is speaking Turkish,
here the link


Antwort von Axel:

one clearly recognizes shots (dolly and / or Steadicam,) and crane. In addition, with a tool for variable speed has been worked on, see the "last post" thread "How was this clip taken?"
If not, the Avid Liquid offers (called time remapping in English), you can synonymous a recording into several short pieces and cut each one a little more speed. It looks not quite as smooth out. You can do it but as a separate clip export and import again slightly faster, when the frame-blending, which smooths out the motion again. Looks even as though it made the move "jumps" a bit.


Antwort von Leonita:

Videle thanks for reply
but in the beginning is a synonymous Picture where 4 women are s.danzen ne what effect is this


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