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Videotapes über Videorekorder - PC - DVD

Videotapes on VCR - PC - DVD

Frage von Schandmaul:
November 2005

Hi together.

Then I fall right time with the door into the house that have a coarser problem.
I'd like to dub some old videos via RF cable from VCR to PC, postprocess (hab Pinnacle Studio) and burn to DVD.

I Have the standard coax cable from the Television and pinched between the VCR-TV-output and my PVTV-300 TV card inserted.
Normal TV signals were not a problem, got in my house cable,
However, the VCR picture I just do not see war. Why might that be?

Antwort von Markus:


I have strong views about this:

FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect and capture images
-> 1 (c) Why do not capture using graphics card, TV card or video grabber?
-> 3 If the setter is the same and has no Firewire port

You have selected with the RF transmission cable, the second worst. The worst might be yet, Buckley the Television with a webcam. ;-)

Your VCR is connected via scart with the Television? Some exchange devices) via Scart synonymous data (eg program assignment. In this case, it could be that your VCR using the RF cable only durchschleift TV stations, but only spends one's own picture on Scart.

Antwort von Schandmaul:

Thanks for your answer.

However, I have now hinbekommen via VirtualDub, to have this picture along with sound. Mir gehts really not about quality, the video is simply a third-rate documentation and I want to just quickly have to VCD or SVCD.

So for your answer, you should just take a TV card, I have indeed a drin, so a TV tuner card with which I usually watch television via cable s.PC.

As I said, if everything is clear, now I have only the problem that I do not know exactly what codec should I have for capturing. Normally there would be a useful SVCD codec. I've already tried to download my first, but somehow appears to me not on the list of available codecs in VirtualDub. What am I needed? Where can I get her and the title under which it is then installed in the list of available codecs? I also would need to know what audio codec should I use. Thanks for your / your efforts!

Ah yes, the recommendation to include any first time uncompressed is very bad for me because I have found until long after the purchase of my Pc that the hard drive was preformatted as FAT32. Since this was already well filled, and I honestly do not want to reformat everything again. So limit of 4 GB is still there. But because of the power of unneeded quality synonymous nix. ;)

Greeting Schandmaul

Antwort von Peter S.:

If you convert to NTFS of Fat32 want, you do not have to format. At the operating system is a tool to convert to NTFS without losing data. Start a command prompt and enter a "help convert", then you will receive the necessary parameters.
MFG Peter

Antwort von Stefan:

@ Schandmaul

quite rapidly during compression in real time, these MJPEG codec. Perhaps a trial version is enough for your Hop-and-Ex ;-) A compression to 10:1 I believe to be reasonable.


With Huffyuv you get a 2.5:1 compression - lossless.

VirtualDub can split a long video segment on auto-AVIs. The segment size you can eg set to 2 GB. How do I do this with FAT32 synonymous - for hours ;-)

Before you compress the whole tape, try with a snippet of whether the Pinnacle Studio can read the compressed video. I know my order is not enough.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Markus:

"Schandmaul" wrote:
So for your answer, you should just take a TV card, ...

Oh dear, where did you read out of that? I am not a fan of the TV-on-computer card when it comes to digitizing analog video recordings. As the present case, however, only a hasty without quality standards, should be a TV card is sufficient.

To create a VCD SVCD

Antwort von Schandmaul:

Thank you for your answers ..

One question I had then, I've noticed that the TV picture s.sich indeed relatively small, so come with a small frame size from the source. Good, I am aware that this is rather normal, but now the question arises as to whether I erstmal video as uncompressed AVI should complete dubbing to the hard drive before I want to convert, for example, with compression programs to MPEG-1 or -2 ?
I have my hard drive thanks to the ingenious tips with the Convert tool the command prompt, finally! brought onto NTFS format. Time it has become. 4-GB limit adé.

So first uncompressed AVI with uncompressed PCM sound? Or how shall I want s.Besten do?

Antwort von Stefan:

http://forum.slashcam.de/viewtopic.php?p=116272 # 116,272

Uncompressed PCM is correct. When it played along with the sound card, then immediately had 48 kHz or 32 kHz (later needed for DVD)

What do you do with the small frame size, I do not understand. Some cards you can set that they bring a DVD suitable image size of 720x576 or 768x576. DAS will save uncompressed bring problems (dropped frames, dropped frames).

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Schandmaul:


the with the drop frames, I now have the uncompressed ripping my movie synonymous noticed. Krass, is in part 1 / 4 of the whole film, pretty hard.

With frame size I mean that the picture will appear in VirtualDub s.sich quite small, now have not looked, but I've ne Resolutionvon Monitor 1280x1024 (native on nem 19 "LCD) and the picture is perhaps a maximum of 1 / 10 so large. I would imagine that this is just the normal picture, that of nem nem VCR or antenna signal to my TV card and usually arrives at nem Television. In nem Television you will not notice the rotten Resolutionzwar (time please someone explain to me why this is so, so HDTV is a lot more detailed, but why does a standard TV signal on normal television nem still as nice and not on nem PC), but I'd like to rip the videos so that they are synonymous to monitor or nem nem TFT relatively good looking. Are there ways à la interpolation or Blur?

Sincerely, Schandmaul

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