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Frage von Calypso2010:


have the following problem:

Have a DV - Video captured as AVI (; uncompressed). This can be easily and without error play in WMP.

Have this now converted with VirtualDub for DivX and audio problems noted and although always as a short click (; high Sound) s.manchen bodies (; occurs once). Thought at first it is s.Codec, but I can the video synonymous with Direct Stream through Virtual Dub can go through and have the same effect.

Does anyone have any advice? Win7 have 64 bits. Have synonymous different versions of VirtualDub tried, always the same.

Thanks in advance


Update: I found the audio problems when playing can be heard already in VirtualDub. With other players, no problem! What can that be?

Who can I can recommend an alternative tool, with which I convert to a DV-AVI DIVX (; should be one where you can access the settings of the DivX codec)? Thank you!


Antwort von Calypso2010:

There is no solution. But I have now as follows hinbekommen:

The DV - Video captured with another tool. The file shows identical features in VirtualDub, but can play without the error and convert. Very strange;)


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