Infoseite // Visualization with video in the background

Frage von Simpl:

I need the following effect:

We have a visualization of a particular song which may look something like this:

And through this visualization you will be able to see a video.

I wish the relaying with Adobe After Effects CS4.
I myself thought that they grossly quasi Behind the video sets and the visualization of the beams or sound like the things are called transparent surface and the rest is black.

I have the thing just as I imagined myself as a video views quickly brought to Picture, as my description is somewhat meager ^ ^


Antwort von Piers:

You prepare the LED audio visualization (even, in AU), or comes of nem visualizer plugin from Winamp, iTunes, or similar?

If you create it yourself, then first time create a "alpha matte". So while your dancing LED bars must be white, black your background. Through the alpha mode, you can then replace the white Shares (in the picture, so your dancing LEDs) by simply lying in the background video.

If you do not themselves create the visualization, it must be the dancing LEDs, and differentiate the background from the color space produces very good. Then work with kannste Chroma Key.


Antwort von Jake the rake:

Here You still need as many bands as ever you create (; both of your audio file as synonymous of the "Effect" and instead of green, yellow or red colored areas you are taking, correct, transparent ...


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