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ViviClip Video Filters 3

ViviClip Video Filter 3

Frage von Chezus:
November 2006

Has anyone of you have experience with the plug in that?
I would be interested if the plug in

s.with Premiere Pro 2.0 works
b) whether the results are worth it, the program zuzulegen
c) it is similar to the plug with the same effects

It is therefore, with the plug in a movie-like touch to erziehlen.
The demo version works for me in any case not.

I've already spent hours trying info on the subject to collect (synonymous to the tutorial Hackermovies.de) and am but did not reach any satisfactory conclusion. (it is about the oh-so-popular film "igen" look) I've Although the contrast and saturation as hinbekommen as I wanted, synonymous in Progressive output on the television but saw the whole thing will just remain after DV from. Once there was movement (which is when a video is relatively normal ;-)) you just saw that it was recorded on MiniDV.

No matter what I've tried. That would be just the last hurdle. Went with the program? What have I done wrong so far or is it just with Premiere? If so then why is this plug in?

Again to Demonstrate: NO, I do not want a Lord of the Rings look at the push of a button
YES I know that there is no film or cinema look look
YES I know what the difference between 35mm film and DV is
YES YES YES, but there is a hurdle. If letzich but s.den 24p recordings? Why then there is the DV movies just do not look after computer?

So, since I have all kinds of questions and answers have heard the questions were never answered expliziet, at least not in the thread I've read, and these were many. Saves you so stupid answers. Likewise: Lighting is important, and an ARRI Camera ....
all heard

I'm excited to answer. I hope it was not too much to ask

Antwort von Chezus:

None Exceptionally times a clue or what?

Antwort von Chezus:

I think there really an answer drauf None

Antwort von Uwe:

"Chezus" wrote:
Saves you .... so stupid answers. Likewise: Lighting is important, and an ARRI Camera ....
all heard

I'm excited to answer. I hope it was not too much to ask

Nee, is not. But since you already know everything - what do you still recommend it?

Look at this clip to:

He was filmed with Dv (pana DVX100) with progressive 24p (for the Internet's only 15 fps). This is feasible with Dv ... otherwise there are simply limits DV and 35mm, do not plug in the world can herbeizaubern ...

Antwort von Chezus:

Precisely such recordings I versuch style.

Well not exactly so (lighting etc, there is another story altogether).

Power of the 25p mode, so much?

I (like I said maybe) have seen the movies with a cheap DV cam but have been edited so that they are not looked after (for the layman at least).

As I said. Color / contrast / luminance / saturation, I would have already so hingebracht as I've hoped for, but we just saw in every movement that it was DV.

At what is? I know it is not synonymous and after a long search I could find nothing

Antwort von Uwe:

"Chezus" wrote:
Power of the 25p mode, so much ?.......................
................... only just saw it with every move that it was DV.

So far it is just during the shoot, as you have rightly mentioned you => light - natural light synonymous. That has a lot with "see" to be done. Sounds so trite, but it is so.

25p makes for a lot of movements, but wants a bit synonymous skillfully used => no quick pans ... all very laaaangsam .... Man gets this slightly unreal kinomäßigen touch with movements.

Playing with the depth of Dv is just very limited, but an absolutely crucial stylistic device in the film. You can try and always easy to film in telebeeich (where possible), always the greatest manual aperture to achieve .... etc.

A really useful way is really => always and always conscious films, just wonder how have they done to try to imitate ................ undsoweiterundsofort. Well, of course, and then the "final touch" in the post

But just plug it so'n hew => the isses nich ....

Antwort von Chezus:

I like these plug ins do not actually, I'm only just so much that I want a hernehmen.

With the depth of field, I have a lot rumprobiert ('ve previously with a reflex much synonymous Photographed at concerts, etc. and therefore of synonymous already familiar with them)

I will stop from older (not so good) recordings rausholen which is still synonymous. Of course, no Hollywood Recordings.

But as I said I've already seen pictures of the scratch were shitty and still handsome. So it is. Sure professionally produced films are better for the eye, or simply to be beautiful, but somehow you can from the poor material synonymous still pick out what.

Just bothers me that with the movements. And they are with my PD 150 does not synonymous better (the images in motion)

Ich würd dir ja video show an example, only one sees it only stop on the television right

Antwort von Uwe:

"Chezus" wrote:

Just bothers me that with the movements. And they are with my PD 150 does not synonymous better (the images in motion)

Especially for the movement you need is a very good de-interlacing it. There is a whole range of options / plugins. Here's a way with After Effects:

Otherwise, for the movements synonymous nor easy "Motion Blur" put out ...

Antwort von Chezus:

The Motion Blur effect is precisely at the plug ins are synonymous.

Thanks for the link to the tutorial, which will certainly be helpful. I werds me through.

As far as I know there are the motion blur (ie Bewegunsunschärfe Effect, or the like) neither effect after 7 or Premiere Pro 2.0

Mistaken because I now? Can the Effect somehow, well, imitate?
You can find on Google just plug into the lead.

If the question in the above tutorial to answer the question I put back

I think that if any motion blur that's probably exactly what I've wanted ...

Antwort von Uwe:

"Chezus" wrote:

I think that if any motion blur that's probably exactly what I've wanted ...

Is part of the tutorial - shows you the sample pictures there at times ... Otherwise, the "Motion Blur" of Reelsmart is one of the best, but of course it cost ....

Antwort von Chezus:

In contrast to the Production Studio and my PD 150 is the most Reelsmart when a breeze makes sense.

Thank you very much so far. Have really helped me and hope made.
Once I again I say hang it.

Until then

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