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Hello movie fans!

I am in possession of a Canon HF100. When I play the movies (no preference whether directly through RCA or hard drive) is the volume in Comparison barely half as loud as for example the television program. I have quite a turn, so I have almost hear noise from the amplifier when no one is talking straight. The sound quality is still very good, just too quiet.

Now I have the opportunity when shooting manual raise the volume. If I turn up the full volume in comparison to other shooting (eg a DVD) is almost identical.

Also in the video editing program, I can raise the volume. What is quite difficult because I Uralt my computer because the results only after 15 hours and if you have anything too loud or too quiet ....

But that can not really be right? Are there any other controls or something.

Do you have the synonymous with you or my cam is broken? What am I doing wrong?

Speak at normal volume

1 meter interval level rash

......: ../.....

1 meter distance with full manual volume

........./...: ..


Antwort von beiti:

Automatic audio control of the HF100 seems to act more conservatively and less nachzuregeln. I do not think that the overall sound in comparison to my previous camcorders quiet.

To make a speaker with the built camcorder micro level to 100% to bring a high level of audio control is necessary. No returns are a complete "TV-level." Built-mics are more for atmosphere and thought suitable. You can not with the ready-mixed Dialogton compare professional productions, where the O-Sound with wireless microphone, or Angel in the studio and recorded the level is optimized.

Language If you want really good record, leads synonymous in no way amateur s.externen Microphone past (and by that I do not slip-directional mic, but a microphone near the speaker s.Mund).

BTW: Even with a calculator Uralt (whatever that is) I can not imagine that you have a higher sound level in real-time preview can. Even with Premiere 4.2 on a Pentium 100 (in 1997) I spent three soundtracks were mixed in real-time intercept.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

This one should still note, if you want to raise the volume, you should disconnect Sound and Picture (demux) - then separately adjust the sound (loud / quiet / / etc.) - and then again at the sound of the video set - that could then synonymous via Direct Stream without making the video to recalculate / encode - should go relatively quickly (instead 15Std. I think times 15min.)

B. DeKid


Antwort von Canon HF100:

I use Pinnacle 12 because I have so far not a single program which had been processed and my AVCHD synonymous actually works. (Maybe because it is now something new there).
(To me the movies in AVCHD, I view the media player classic with K-lite codec - all synonymous to quiet).

The forward, or the cuts in a row go with the Pinnacle with my 2Giga singel CPU did not, as long as the file is AVCHD. Adjusting the sound as it goes well and I do not understand how the maker sets. That seems like the program and allow whim. The cutting I do with me of the so-called "single-section method" :-) is all a bit improvised.

Again relating to:
The sound is generally too soft to me. Whether atmo, etc. s.3m Speaker, I can in my room can not hear. For understandable sound do I have the television min 3 / 4 turn. That can not be normal. This set is too much and too little tinkering uniform. This makes it here None. Shooting and then the whole s.Calculator always louder tune with programs ... or maybe?

I think that because what is broken ...


Antwort von beiti:

"Canon HF100" wrote: The sound is generally too soft to me. Whether atmo, etc. s.3m Speaker, I can in my room can not hear. For understandable sound do I have the television min 3 / 4 turn. Perhaps you've simply false expectations. An integrated Steremikrofon is not made, a spokesperson at several meters distance record. (Not for nothing, there are countless posts in the forum, the company with external microphones.)

Here is an original recording from my HF100 - so leave a Comparison searched, whether your own device behaves differently. The recording was with automatic audio control is created and lautstärkemäßig unprocessed.


Antwort von Kino:

"Canon HF100" wrote: ... The sound is generally too soft to me. Whether atmo, etc. s.3m Speaker, I can in my room can not hear. ...

The Camera has mW over a damping of the microphone gain. Check it 'times in the menu, whether it in is checked. There should be something like "ATT" and will be removed.


Antwort von Canon HF100:

The banger! I have the menu item actually the microphone attenuation found! Everything is now as loud as I consider it normal. The level of response is now twice as high. This attitude seems to be very noisy environment. But what if I told you the sound of manual regulate it?

Oh dear. This attitude, I have seemingly always had all the shots because I've had are too quiet.

Thanks again :-)


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