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Frage von Liam:

hey you young people,

aaalso:'ve synonymous to this topic strangely found nothing in the forum, so the question: is defined as the difference between eg a 5700K daylight lamp (yes, next time I write 6500K or so) and a 3200K-watt Baustrahler same number, with a FullCTB film (according to definition 3200K> 5700K) "provided" is? clearly, the first film swallows light, but generally you could - purely arithmetically and with his farbtempmesser very precise - assume that you will receive the same color. only if the situation really so, would any poor films much cheaper artificial / folie-kombi use daylight instead of the expensive rent. but it did not. why? because the distance between film and the floodlights light output is reduced so much that daylight lamps are profitable?

oh yes, how much light as schluck ne fullCTB film (for all providers have not yet paid or hide sowas found)?



Antwort von BjörnF:

It is not only so that the CTB-foil light swallow, especially for larger headlamp units you have the synonymous within a few hours of faded, but this is no Farbstbilität to contribute :-)

But this is not the real reason. From a HMI Daylight Lamp comes with the same power rating simply more light output than from a normal tungsten lamp. There is virtually "designed to work". And if you then have the light schluck the CTB film dazunimmts ...

Therefore, for one day / mixed light situations, when the budget is being made, rather HMI lamps. Since then synonymous with its CTO film in doubt, get more light, as from an equally large tungsten lamp.



Antwort von Nicht eingeloggt:

"BjörnF" wrote: ... if the budget is being made, rather HMI lamps ...

For the higher purchase price comes naturally nor the price for the lamp to a total of no cheap thing. For turning in small to medium-sized rooms is sometimes crucial that you are without a further three 575er HMIs s.einen 16 ampere circuit can depend.


Antwort von Markus:

If as a mixed lighting situation be avoided? Otherwise it would be synonymous pure (cheaper price) Fluorescent in question, right?


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