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Frage von zwiebel_sondermann:

I already have dozens of themes here durchgeschaut, but euine answer to my question, I have not found. Hopefully I have nothing to overlook, forgive otherwise ....

I have of a DV Cam 16:9 material in Windows Movie Maker imported. Here I have the same DV-AVI to WMV can be encoded. It has not noticed the WMM (I have it not synonymous "words" which option I later found) that I have 16:9 material.

When I now play WMV, I get the 16:9-Picture horizontally squashed in 4:3 format, it is clear.


How do I get the video so that it appears in 16:9.

I would not re-encode. Since I am on a hard-Media player wants, it helps not synonymous, in a PC player, the aspect ratio manual data (such as in MPC). I am looking for a way, without simply Rekodierung header in the aspect ratio to change, not a format change or similar.


Antwort von TURGUT22:

According to WMV DV? Dumm gone ... Would you ever prefer to MPEG changed. Since you have the opportunity to post with the DVDpatcher


Antwort von thewhitesmoke:

"Anonymous" wrote:
For me, this gives no sense. Erklär look ...

Well, the opportunity was just given, with Windows Movie Maker to work -> Only WMV Export. For my last claim the tool. Geren course I would have something better, but unfortunately I do not have the nerve to send me out of the phenomenal offer a suitable SW rauszusuchen (DV import, simple cut possibility dubbing, Vertiteln, exporting, etc.). Am, however, grateful for a tip.


Antwort von Markus:

"A / e Nameless / r wrote: ... with Windows Movie Maker to work -> Only WMV Export.
The Movie Maker synonymous allowed to export as DV-AVI. For DV-original material is the option of choice. However, you should start looking for something before you put the relevant option.


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