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Frage von xpflash:


I have a wmv file:

format. wmv
bitrate: approx 2440 kbits / s (but variable) - one sees when discarded => higher bitrate)
fps: 30
size: 1024 * 768


1) I do not make the wmv file to a dvd in a reasonably good quality to get or / or. converted into a format that has approximately the same qualitative s.pc and not jerky.

2.) in the current format wmv jerky the file (especially when crossfades wahrschenlich due to the higher bitrate) on my pc (amd64 3000 - ram 1gb - graka gf6600GT)

Please help - this sa. I presentation!


Antwort von Markus:


With the DVD I do not quite understand. If the WMV file later s.Notebook of a DVD-ROM play or do you want a DVD-Video, the DVD player is running?


Antwort von xpflash:

this is really no preference

it may consist of the following options

either of the HD s.notebook / pc
or a dvd s.dvdplayer

both are possible

radio at the moment but neither one nor the other
pc: wmv jerky
DVD player: quality is bad

I already have
nero vision
probiert and other tools

each time the same: after umwadeln is poorly qualified and / or jerky


Antwort von rush:


you have something with the windows media encoder tries?

and certainly not the ruckler in videofile really are? Your computer should so'n wmv really can play ...

with what player? versuch's times, alternatively with the vlc player


Antwort von bbslash:


So I myself would never have a WMV file in PAL format on a DVD burning to them with a regular DVD player.

Especially because WMV eigendlich not intended to be. I'm burning exclusively on DVD with an AVI file. With WMV, I would not expect good quality. Incidentally I've ever tried synonymous. The result was very bad.

Perhaps I see this so wrong, but WMV is one for me in the Internet to small file sizes at acceptable quality yet to get.

This is not your PC-how smooth he is probably s.der speed s.der or graphics card.

And another thing which I do not understand:
fps: 30
size: 1024 * 768


Why fps: 30 and not 25 for PAL? Wilster or you have an NTSC DVD?

And Why size 1024 * 768? If you have 1024 * 768 as the output format, how did you recorded this? With a PAL video camera?

If yes eigendlich illogical. Because Pal has no 1024 * 768 So if you have this format for good quality want to spend, you have to at least the entire HDV have been reported. Or how else do you at such a large resolution?



Antwort von Markus:

Very odd. I think the PC is not too weak to play this file. - Do you still times tried another computer? (Do it and tell us then!)


Antwort von hollibaer:

I have almost the same problem. have a wmv file of a digicam that I would like to burn on dvd in the DVD player most runs. as I with such a topic which has never had to do, ask me here and after rat and assistance. thx.


Antwort von Quadruplex:

It is not. You can add a DVD-ROM, burn, theoretically synonymous a MiniHD DVD. Both will run but not on standard DVD players.


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