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Frage von leonhard lierzer:

What would you of this Raynox Wide Anglevon for SonyHDR FX7 hold? It is specifically pointed out that the sharpness of the edges off. It would, of course Converter with dementia in the 20 specialist Zoom to drive, but you can see the blur synonymous during times o zoom?

What is it with vignetting from? Can the FX7 in absolute WW approved?


Antwort von x-ray:

the ww is actually quite useful and for this price ...
(However, it had previously only s.monitor tested)
gruß cj


Antwort von Kreuer B.:

Use the 7062 synonymous and am very satisfied. Can not find Randunschärfen. I have the Raynox synonymous me DCR-2025 ordered. This likes me well synonymous.
Incidentally synonymous with Still Image Mundus ordered. When HD-7062 is a better provider and have the idea of synonymous nor the products.




Antwort von Hans Keuter:

Thanks for the recommendations.
I'm using Google then rise to a dealer of the lens for 100 Euro offers.

The Raynox 7062 is really sharp and I was able to have my old 82mm Gray ND filter to use next.

I am glad that this forum is there, because I did not know previously Raynox.

Thank you

Hans Keute


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